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  • What’s up with disc brakes on tri bikes?


    The humble road brake caliper has been with us for generations and save for the occasional modest update, it has gone largely unchanged over the years. This stalwart component was introduced back in the days of steel bikes and has continued performing its primary task right through into the carbon era.

    ancient tt brakes

    As bikes have changed, however,...

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  • Why Do Disc Brakes Matter in Triathlon?


    When going fast, it seems self evident that one would need a safe, reliable means by which to slow down and come to a stop.

    F1 brakes are made to go fast

    No Formula One race car driver would ever consider taking to the track without good brakes, right, and yet this is a regular practice for time trial cyclists and triathletes...

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  • Reynolds Wheels are Handmade


    Reynolds Cycling believes in craftsmanship and building nothing but the finest quality wheels. The process of creating a new wheel set starts at our facility in Sandy, Utah, where our team defines the goals for every project before any design work takes place. Only with clear direction do we set forth on the journey to deliver you, our valued customer, with durable, lightweight carbon fiber wheels that you...

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