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Reynolds ATR | The Culmination of Gravel-Specific Wheels

Posted on April 30 2019

When we first introduced our ATR wheelset in 2014, they were exclusively offered to dealers as a new, price-friendly carbon “concept” option for what were then cyclocross bikes, featuring Reynolds hubs and a cross-country mountain bike rim. Despite the exclusivity, interest grew quickly from the adventure, gravel, and cyclocross community looking for a wheel skewed toward wider tires and rugged riding.

The Evolution

Based on the enormous demand, we redesigned the rim in 2017, and increased our offerings by adding the ATR X to the ATR series. While ATR series wheels might look like a standard issue ‘cross' wheel, they have a few key details making them much more. We increased the inner rim width from 21mm to 23mm with an outer width of 32mm and a depth of 40mm to increase air volume and to better accommodate the growing range of gravel specific and adventure tires.

The newer ATR rims feature our PR3 rim design, also used in our Allroads, TR S, and TR mountain wheels, to balance structural requirements with performance and value. In these rims, the overall rim profile, rim bead and brake track areas are called out with unique carbon fiber and resin schedules.

ATR and ATR X wheels are laced with 24 spokes front and rear to help durability and ride quality, and there is a gamut of hub options for every standard axle configuration with a Shimano/SRAM 9-11spd, Campy or SRAM XD-R freehub. In addition, we now offers their ATR Series in 650b and 700c configurations.

ATR in Action

The ATR has proven itself by standing up to the rigors of both everyday riding, and the brutal punishment encountered at organized events like the 2019 Dirty Kanza.

The Next Chapter

The recent addition of the ATR Blacklabel series has been the culmination of the ATR line up. Built with smooth Industry Nine hubs, 20 front/24 rear spokes, carbon rim with a 23mm inner bead width, the Blacklabel series is the pinnacle of the ATR Series. Like the ATR and ATR X models, it is offered in 650b and 700c wheels sizes and every standard axle configuration with a Shimano/SRAM 9-11spd, Campy or SRAM XD-R freehub. This wheelset comes in at a scant 1456g (650b) and an amazing ride quality.

No matter your budget, wheels will still be the most important upgrade you make to your bike, improving ride quality, reducing rolling weight, and matching better with larger tire widths. Check out the full ATR line up to see how you can go farther, explore more, and find your next adventure.

Products featured: ATR, ATR X, Blacklabel ATR Series Wheels.