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The Legendary Black Snake | Pivot Races Val Di Sole

Posted on August 05 2019


By Mike Janney - Team Manager


Adding wet weather to a track so viscous it's been nicknamed 'The Black Snake' made the Val di Sole World Cup even more difficult, but these challenges sure make a great result more rewarding.  


The team was back together racing at round 7 of the UCI Downhill World Cup in Val di Sole in Italy. Three weeks of training at home and in Morzine left the team ready to start a busy final portion to the 2019 season with back to back races in Europe, Canada and the USA for the next 9 weeks!

The super steep and rough track in Val di Sole is always a challenge even for the best riders in the world and the forecast of wet weather was going to make the challenge even greater. During track walk riders saw little change from the previous years, some sections were taped wide offering up more line choices but with no big changes the racers would be up to race speed within a few runs.

Suffering with a broken hand from n a training ride back home, Bernard was gutted to be missing the race. Despite this, his spirits were high and he was trackside helping the other riders with line selection, bike set up and keeping motivation high.



Thursday - Training

There was no sign of the previous night’s rain when training started on Thursday. The loamy and soft dirt soaked away all the moisture but was hiding rocks and roots ready to catch anyone out. Training remained dry all day but the rain was always in the back of rider’s minds as they discussed lines and how they would deal with the predicted wet slippery roots.

Emilie was feeling good on her bike after a great training block at home following the previous round. She was enjoying the multiple lines on offer and working out the fastest way down the technical track.

Eddie had an eventful day on the ‘Black Snake’ track. After getting up to speed quickly he suffered a flat tyre. No sooner was this fixed and he crashed on a steep rough section the very next run. With no injuries he was lucky, but feeling a little beat up he chose to sit out the rest of the days training.

Matt was looking fast on track. Taking the direct approach to lines and rolling through and over the big obstacles instead of wasting energy going around them. This was impressive to watch and see the bike working underneath him, and definitely fast.



Friday - Qualification

Heavy overnight rain made the track treacherously slick for Emilie’s morning training. Tackling the track required concentration and perfect wheel placement. A small mistake caused her to catch a wheel in a hole and resulted in a small over the bars. No damage was done and she was ready for qualification in no time.

Emilie dropped in for her qualification run on a track that was significantly drier than on her training runs. From the big screen you could see her pushing hard out of the gate and attacking the track. Qualifying in 6th, Emilie was happy to put in a solid run but knew she could have pushed harder on the drying track. With fast conditions expected for the finals she was ready to let loose on Saturday and risk that extra little bit needed for finals.

The first drops of rain started to fall just at the elite men took to track for qualifying. As more and more riders came down the rain got heavier and heavier and track wetter and wetter.

Eddie dropped in for his run in some of the most horrendous conditions. Limited visibility, heavy rain and insanely slick roots made for a wild run. Catching his trousers in his chainring, his pedals locked up and caused him to hit a rock and snap the chainring. Knowing he was protected and guaranteed a ride in the final, Eddie composed himself and continued to the bottom safely.

Matt didn’t have the luxury of protection. With worsening weather and lightning strikes near the gondola forced the race to be postponed. After almost an hour delay and with the rain starting to ease Matt hit the track. Visibility was better but the mud was becoming gloopy, slow and being dragged onto the rocks and roots. A good run despite two off-track excursions left Matt pleased to qualify for finals and hoping for better conditions.



Saturday - Finals

Although the track remained slick for training in the morning, come race time the track was dry and running fast. Full commitment was needed and an exciting race was guaranteed.

Emilie was ready to attack the ‘Black Snake’ track and set off hard. Putting over 3 seconds into the current leader at Split 1 she pressed home her advantage crossing Split 2 with over 6 seconds advantage. A fast start was always going to be a bold strategy but Emilie showered her determination and strength to finish 7 seconds ahead of the current leader.

A long stint on the Mercedes-Benzes hot seat followed with Emilie only getting knocked off with two riders to go, guaranteeing her podium finish. A thrilling elite women’s race ended with Emile finishing in 5th and scoring another fantastic podium finish at one of the most challenging tracks on the calendar.

Matt was the next of the Pivot riders to take to the track. Riding a drying track, it was difficult to know how hard to push. Matt attacked hard and was looking good on the big screen. A few mistakes and an admittedly scrappy run cost him some time but Matt still crossed the line into 2nd place and for some time in the hot seat.

Eddie had been feeling good in morning training and was ready to lay down a fast run. A first split specialist, Eddie was up by 0.1 at the first time check and looking speedy. Hitting one of the rocky shoots fully pinned a wet rock spat his rear wheel sideways and there was nothing Eddie could do to save the inevitable crash. A spectacular crash left Eddie with a few cuts and bruises but he was happy to walk away with no serious injuries.

At the end of the racing Matt posted the 40th fastest time of the day, a little off where he wants to be but happy to have qualified and survived such a challenging track and weekend.

Matt and Eddie will now travel to Whistler B.C to take on the next round of the Enduro World Series. The remainder of the team will race Emilie’s home race in Lenzerheide, Switzerland before joining the boys for Cranksworx Whistler.