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Bike Rumor: Reynolds rolls new carbon MTB and e-MTB wheels, backed with solid warranties

The first thing I noticed about the TR249 wheels was the low weight. At 1590g I felt like I jumped off the line with my first few pedal strokes, and that was with the most basic 10° engagement hub out back. I can only imagine the TRS wheels with the 5°, six-pawl TR6 hubs would feel even snappier, at least on the instant starts. The trail we rode was flowy with a few small jumps along the way, and the lack of weight was even noticeable in the air. The big wheeled Stumpy was popping off lips with ease, and it felt surprisingly nimble to whip around. Read More on

TR 249

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Feed The Habit Review:
Reynolds Assault SLG Carbon Wheelset
Excellent all-around ride


With the myriad of wheelsets out there, it takes a good set to stand out and the Reynolds Assault does that. Their perfect 41mm depth, lateral stiffness and fast rolling performance puts these in the same territory as wheelsets costing twice as much. Read More on


Reynolds Allroads Assault Set

Assault Rim Brake

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