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Blacklabel DH 289 Torch

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BLACKLABEL Mountain wheels combine Reynolds' asymmetric, hookless MR5 carbon fiber rims and Reynolds designed precision mountain hubs by Industry Nine to set the bar in mountain bike wheel performance. The rim design features a perfect balance of width, depth, and layup for wheels that provide ultimate durability, riding comfort, and trail hugging traction like you've never experienced before.

Key Features

  • Asymmetric rim profile provides a stronger wheel through more even spoke tension
  • Tubeless-ready, hookless rim profile for a no-burp tire fit and ease of inflation
  • Precision manufactured Reynolds hubs by Industry Nine that offer ultra-quick, 3 degrees of engagement and durability you can trust
  • Targeted rim widths to meet specific needs for each rider type
  • Sapim Sprint spokes provide ultimate combination of vertical strength and lateral compliance 
  • SRAM XD and Shimano freehub bodies available
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Inner Rim Width: 28MM
  • Outer Rim Width: 34MM
  • Rim Depth: 29MM
  • Diameter: 25"
  • Spokes: F32 | R32
  • Spoke Pattern: Front 3x | Rear 3x
  • Weight: 2021g
  • Technology: MR5
  • Hub: Front i9 | Rear i9
  • Spoke Type: Sprint JB
  • Nipple: External Alloy
  • Engagement: 3°
  • Pawl: 6
  • Decal: Black water slide
  • Rim: 29ER Plus Enduro Blacklabel Asymmetric

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