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April 10, 2017  -

Review: Reynolds Blacklabel Enduro 29 Wheels puts the Blacklabel Enduro 29 wheelset to the test in B.C.

"The wheels haven’t flinched. If you’re in the market for a set of carbon wheels and value durability and a precision performance over absolute weight loss, I highly recommend you take a closer look at what Reynolds has to offer."

January 26, 2017  -

Long-term Review: Reynolds 27.5 Enduro Carbon Wheels hammers the Blacklabel 27.5 Enduro wheels. 

"The Reynolds Enduro 27.5 Wheels are among the best quality built I’ve ridden; stiff, strong, reasonably light while remaining durable with a confidence-inspiring warranty program."

November 02, 2016  -

Lowdown: Reynolds Trail 27.5 Carbon Wheels tests the Blacklabel 27.5 Trail wheels.

"Bottom line, despite at least a half dozen nicks and scratches on the exterior, these wheels have proven utterly bombproof. Engagement is snappy, weight is low, spoke tension remains even, hubs spin free, and I love the tweener width, which produced great tire shape without taking things too far."

October 24, 2016  -  Vital MTB

Tested: Reynolds Blacklabel Enduro Wheelset

Vital MTB takes the Blacklabel 27.5 Enduro wheels to Whistler and Squamish, BC.

Reynolds 27.5 Enduro Wheels

"In our experience, they stand up to a beating, even when pushing them through the roughest of trails. The pairing of high-engagement Industry Nine hubs has been the icing on the cake to what we would call a top-tier enduro wheelset, which adds that subtle, but valuable, performance to your bike."

October 16, 2016  -  Blister Gear Review

Reynolds 29 Enduro Wheelset

Blister Gear Review rides the Blacklabel 29 Enduro wheels.

Reynolds Enduro 29

"They’re some of the stiffest “trail” oriented wheels I’ve ever ridden, and matching that kind of stiffness with the light weight of a carbon wheelset encourages sprinting into rock gardens, hucking to flat, and trying to rip the side knobs off of your tires in corners."

October 12, 2016  -  Red Kite Prayer

Pilot to Bombardier: Reynolds 27.5 Plus

Red Kite Prayer puts in the hours on the Blacklabel 27.5 Plus wheels.

Reynolds Blacklabel Plus 27.5 wheels

"...these are, by far, the most capable and durable mountain bike wheels I’ve encountered in my career, and I’ve got north of 50 hours on these..."

September 23, 2016  -  Teton Gravity Research

Riding fast on the Blacklabel 29 Enduro wheels

TGR goes enduro racing on the Blacklabel 29 Enduro wheels. 

"The short version is these wheels did not disappoint and if any wheels are actually worth that kind of money, the Reynolds are gold-card members of the club."

September 16, 2016  -  Singletracks

Out on the trails in Sun Valley, ID

Singletracks spent some time shredding the Blacklabel 27.5 Enduro wheels.

"In my experience the Reynolds 27.5 Enduro Carbon wheels are a bombproof, modern wheelset. With minimal heft, superb stiffness, fast rolling speeds, and excellent hub engagement, I don’t have a single complaint about these wheels, and would be more than happy to call them my own.quot;.

August 27, 2016  -  BikeRadar

Carbon wheels for the rougher crowd

BikeRadar spent some time with the ATR. 

"ATR stands for All Terrain Road and these rims are big, beefy carbon affairs the like of which you would expect to see on a mountain bike."

August 08, 2016  -  The Radavist

The Radavist gets the ATR dirty.

The Radavist spent some time getting the Reynolds ATR dirty.

"The Reynolds ATR, or all terrain road, wheels are carbon fiber wheels meant to take you from paved roads to dirt and vice versa. They’re light and resilient but best of all, they won’t bottom out your credit card.quot;.