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The 58 AERO wheelset, voted wheel of the year for 2013,  is ideally suited to triathlon, road riding, racing, and training: allowing riders to move at faster speeds with total confidence, while exhausting less energy.

Available in Clincher only.

Rim Profile



Rim Material:
Clincher Set: 1580g*
External: 26.20 mm , Internal: 16.00 mm
Rim Depth:
58.00 mm
Computational Fluid Dynamics: A2 Wind Tunnel Verified
16 Front / 20 Rear
Spoke Pattern:
Front: Radial Rear Non Drive: 2X Rear Drive: 2X
Spoke Material:
DT aerolite¨
Spoke Shape:
Internal 5mm Hex x 2.0
Reynolds Racing Design Straight-pull with DT Swiss 240 Internals
New Cryo-Blue
Power Brake Pads:
Wheel Bag:
Shimano / SRAM / Campagnolo
* weights are estimates of the lightest possible configuration.


CR6 (Carbon Rim 6) is the precise method of assigning different carbon fiber and lay-ups to6 rim regions.

Reynolds specifies type of fiber, epoxy and resin adjusting the specs to achieve the perfect tensile strength, stiffness and elongation for each rim model.

Each batch is certified according to Reynolds’ specifications.

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CTg stands for Cryogenic Glass Transition, a patented braking system developed by Reynolds.

The two components are Reynolds' proprietary Cryo-Blue Power polymer brake pads and hybrid carbon-fiber laminate (CTg brake track). With CTg, braking temperatures are 100*F (38*C) cooler than with other technologies. 

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BWI stands for Brake Wear Indicator. It is a 10mm wide red line that Reynolds embeds into the brake track.

The indicator, centered over the valve hole on both sides of the rim, becomes visible when excessive wear has occurred to indicate that the wheel needs replacing.

DET smoothes turbulent, excited, energized airflow and re-attaches it to the aerodynamic surface, effectively reducing aerodynamic drag. DET is Reynolds’ superior aerodynamic technology used on RZR 92 and all AERO wheels.

ISH is a “step” contour at the outer perimeter of the clincher hook that helps create a predictable airflow over the surface of the rim. It also increases the lateral stiffness of the wheel. ISH is used on 46 AERO, 58 AERO, and 72 AERO.



Downtown NYC reviews the Reynolds AERO 58 wheel set. 

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Reynolds Cycling launches road tubeless and expanded 2015 line

Reynolds listens to customer feedback and responds with 2015 line that provides substantial performance benefits. 

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Reynolds Cycling At Eurobike

Eurobike 2014: Reynolds listens to customer feedback and responds with 2015 line that provides substantial performance benefits. 

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Eurobike: Reynolds launches road tubeless, expands line

Eurobike 2014: Roadbike Review previews the new 2015 line by Reynolds at Eurobike.

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Reynolds Cycling Launches Road Tubeless, Expands 2015 Line at Eurobike

Eurobike 2014: SportsMondo previews new Reynolds 2015 line at Eurobike.

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Reynolds onthult nieuwe wielsets op Eurobike

Eurobike 2014: Cycling.be previews new 2015 wheel line by Reynolds.

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Downtown magazine reviews the AERO 58 wheelset by Reynolds.

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Interbike 2014: Reynolds Cycling expands road tubeless offerings

Interbike 2014: Reynolds 2015 performance line featured in Bike World News.

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Gear of the Year: Best Aero Wheels 2013

“The Reynolds 58 Aero wheels scoop our award for the best aero wheelset of 2013.”

Stable, versatile and savagely fast, the 58 AER0 wheels have proven themselves time and again as a stunning set of hoops.

2013 Best 58 AERO

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Reynolds 58 AERO

“The 58s are instantly impressive. These are the stiffest conventionally-spoked wheels we’ve tested so they’re great for sprinting, feel much lighter than their measured 1,605g when climbing and they rail around corners.”

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Reynolds 58 AERO Review

“They’re predictable, stable, and incredibly confidence-inspiring, something I can’t say about another deep wheel on the market today.”

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Winter PressCamp Part II

Reynolds Cycling was the first company to put a carbon clincher into large-scale production. That gave them an advantage in terms of market penetration but it also meant that early adopters satisfied with their wheels didn’t necessarily progress to their newer technology. I’m beginning with this shot of the inside of the rim to show just how clean their molding is. I’ve seen a lot of carbon wheels and that level of precision at the inner wall and bead hook isn’t common. http://redkiteprayer.com/index.php?s=reynolds

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Reynolds 58 AERO Clincher Wheels

“Fast, quick-accelerating and superbly stable in crosswinds, the Aero 58s set the new benchmark in carbon clincher performance.”

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Reynolds 58 AERO Wheelset

“If you’re looking to reduce weight, go fast, and win races, perhaps the single best upgrade you can make to your road bike is to pick up a good set of aerodynamic carbon wheels.”

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