RZR® 46

Speed, Strength, and Awe-Inspiring Responsiveness

Tipping the scales at a feathery 968g, the RZR® 46 is perhaps the lightest production wheel in the world and delivers speed, strength, and awe-inspiring responsiveness. Reynolds’ SLG technology provides an aero advantage as proven in the A2 Wind Tunnel, making this fast wheel even faster.

Available in Tubular only.

​*All RZR® wheels include a one year free Reynolds Assurance Program if registered within 30 days of purchase.

Rim Profile



Tubular Set: 968g*
External: 20.80 mm
Rim Depth:
46.00 mm
Computational Fluid Dynamics: A2 Wind Tunnel Verified
16 Front / 20 Rear
Spoke Pattern:
Front: Radial Rear Non Drive: Radial
Carbon with torque flange
Shimano / SRAM / Campagnolo
* weights are estimates of the lightest possible configuration.


CTg stands for Cryogenic Glass Transition, a patented braking system developed by Reynolds.

The two components are Reynolds' proprietary Cryo-Blue Power polymer brake pads and hybrid carbon-fiber laminate (CTg brake track). With CTg, braking temperatures are 100*F (38*C) cooler than with other technologies. 

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CR6 (Carbon Rim 6) is the precise method of assigning different carbon fiber and lay-ups to6 rim regions.

Reynolds specifies type of fiber, epoxy and resin adjusting the specs to achieve the perfect tensile strength, stiffness and elongation for each rim model.

Each batch is certified according to Reynolds’ specifications.

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Swirl Lip Generator® is 0.9mm “lip” placed on the sidewall of the rim near the spoke face to minimize pressure drag.

SLG effectively helps turbulent air passing over the wheel to re-attach to the spoke face after flowing over the spinning rim.

BWI stands for Brake Wear Indicator. It is a 10mm wide red line that Reynolds embeds into the brake track.

The indicator, centered over the valve hole on both sides of the rim, becomes visible when excessive wear has occurred to indicate that the wheel needs replacing.


Reynolds RZR® Video Review

“In this day and age of slippery aerodynamics and featherlight weights, a product that truly takes your breath away is very rare.”

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On Test: Reynolds RZR® 46 Tubular Wheelset

“Reynolds hit the center of the target for no compromise racing wheels—the RZR 46T has a liberal amount of aerodynamic profiling for solo breaks, and enough stiffness to handle a highwatt climber or sprinter, and all this at a mythological, sub-900 gram weight figure.”

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Reynolds RZR® Wheels

“The future of wheels? Quite possibly.”

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