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Reynolds Cycling offers a variety of small parts for aftermarket purchase.


Cryo-Blue POWER Brake Pads

New in 2014, Reynolds announces the next generation of carbon fiber braking technology: Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads, which it co-engineered with industry leader Brakco. To understand the significance of Reynolds’ new Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads, it is necessary to first understand Reynolds Cryogenic Glass Transition (CTg) Braking System, which consists of two components:

  1. A unique, hybrid carbon-fiber laminate in the brake track
  2. A blue polymer brake pad

Together, the brake track and pad minimize heat build-up from pad-to rim friction and dissipate heat away to ensure smooth, predictable braking.

Reynolds has high expectations for the performance of this system. While the original Cryo-Blue Blue Pads still exceed Reynolds’ standards, the Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads set the bar even higher. Testing validates that the new Power Pads deliver 33% increase in dry conditions stopping and 42% increase in wet conditions stopping.

ctg brakes


  • Sleek, tapered design
  • 44% larger braking surface than the original Cryo-Blue Pads.
  • Six angled slots that move air and water through them, offering increased cooling in dry conditions, and increased control in wet conditions.

Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads are available stock with every Reynolds 2014 carbon road wheel and also available as an after-market purchase.

Product manager: Todd Tanner riding Cryo-Blue Power Pads on 46 AERO wheels.
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